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Passion for taste has reached new heights

A return to the origins.

This is likely the most efficient way to describe the project and the current structure of the illy Group. Everything was born in the distant 1933, when our grandfather Francesco Illy created the company "illy & hausbrandt coffee and chocolate".

Coffee and chocolate represented the combination of passions already in the heart of our family's entrepreneurial activities. The well known historical events of the next decades, with their war related vicissitudes, led our grandfather to continue the business focusing exclusively on coffee.

A few decades later even tea began to appear among the products offered by illycaffè.

In a period in which the coffee bar industry was becoming increasingly more popular, it was decided to widen the product offer to include also a selection of illy tea since tea was one of our mother Anna preferred drinks as well as our father's, whom at the time was in charge of the company.

A passion shared by the family, just like the passion for good wine, which we also very likely inherited from our grandfather Francesco. Although he never owned a vinery, he had a farm in Istria dedicated to the enhancing the value of the products of the area.

Thus, in 2004, when we founded the family-run Group illy Holding, we pursued a strategic objective with specific attention to our origins and we added tea, chocolate, wine, and preserved fruit to our coffee products.

Such a choice was motivated by the desire to continue our growth and to satisfy the most demanding clientele with products that already showed the company expertise adding those products for which the company can offer the same quality that made it appreciated and renowned globally, for its coffee and machines.

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